Why use Reclaimed Wood in Home decor?

The use of reclaimed wood has gained a fair amount of traction in recent years. 

We see reclaimed wood furniture increasingly being used in various home décor styles, including the classic minimalist and traditional looks. 

However, many people are still unfamiliar with or confused by the term "reclaimed." 

Here, we shed more light on the subject.

What exactly is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood, also known as reclaimed lumber, is wood that has been taken from old furniture, warehouses, and other woodwork. Reclaimed wood is more commonly obtained from barns than fresh lumber, which is obtained directly from logs. 

Aside from barns, mill buildings and snow fences are also excellent sources of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is primarily used for home decor purposes such as flooring, decor detailing, and sidings. 

Because reclaimed wood is available in a diverse mix of oak, poplar, and pine timber, it is an excellent material for building decor items. 

Reclaimed wood must not be confused for salvaged wood, which is woodcut and stored for a long time but has not been used for any previous purpose. 

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Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

When it comes to home decor building materials, reclaimed wood provides many benefits, which made it so popular. 

Quirky character

Reclaimed wood commands a strong character. Because it is retrieved from old furniture, each piece is unique and cannot be replicated. This gives reclaimed wood.

a special place. Furniture made out of reclaimed wood stands out because of the quirky or unusual characteristics of the material.

Furthermore, reclaimed wood has that historical punch to it. Reclaimed timber furniture instantly evokes a strong feeling in any niche or corner of the room. 

Reclaimed wood furniture dining table, for example, can be conversation topics during family gatherings, simply because the item has a history of its own.

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Reclaimed wood comes in many different varieties. If you’re looking for a great valuable material for your home decor, reclaimed wood is the way to go.  

Exotic lumber is often unavailable for decor projects, but reclaimed wood can come to the rescue! 

Blended varieties of various trees, such as fir, poplar, and deodar, can be easily found in stores; so you can build that perfect piece of furniture to decorate the room to your heart's desire.

Moreover, reclaimed timber furniture has more excellent value than regular wood because the reclaimed wood adds so much worth to it.

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The majority of woodwork and furniture available in stores today is manufactured in factories using mass-felled trees. Items made in this manner are not distinguishable. Every piece is the same as the one on the next shelf. 

When it comes to reclaimed wood, the story is quite the opposite. Reclaimed wood has a distinct appearance. It reflects the exact physical conditions that existed at the time of its original construction. 

Furthermore, unlike today's mass-produced lumber, most reclaimed wood comes from naturally grown trees found in nature. As a result, reclaimed wood is an exotic item, and furniture made from reclaimed wood is even more unique.

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Strong, Sturdy, and Durable

Reclaimed wood can be referred to as "seasoned" wood when it comes to strength, sturdiness, and durability. Think of it like this: old wood had already seen decades of cycles of weather before it reached you. It has gone through multiple seasons of stress and relaxation. This gives the wood a unique strength that is not found in fresh lumber. 

Reclaimed wood can be very useful in places where people come into contact with it frequently. Seating benches and flooring are two examples. Simply put, reclaimed wood has a greater ability to withstand stress.

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Environmentally friendly

Reclaimed wood is way more environmentally friendly than fresh wood. Harvesting new wood requires, unsurprisingly, the felling of trees, which directly increases the carbon footprint of such material. 

This is never a problem with reclaimed wood because it has already been cut and chopped into planks. When you use reclaimed wood, there will be no additional carbon emissions. This provides guilt-free material for those who are concerned with this aspect. 

Using reclaimed wood means you will not be harming the environment as you decorate your home, which is a perfect example of the “looks should not kill” aphorism.

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Better looks

Reclaimed lumber looks way better than new wood. Ages of heating and cooling, pressure, relaxation, contraction, and suspension of the wood give it a more authentic look. Flooring made of reclaimed wood, in particular, looks more genuine and solemn.

Suppose you appreciate natural, dark grooves in your wood. In that case, reclaimed wooden planks will undoubtedly appeal to you, as they provide a highly authentic look and transport us directly to Victorian times. 

The way reclaimed wood looks is simply unmatched by new, mass-produced lumber.

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Wider Planks

Most retrieved wood, primarily industrial reclaimed wood, has wider planks compared to newer timber. The reason for this is simple. Timber acquired in the older times was from naturally grown trees. These trees were allowed to grow naturally, so their wood was thicker. As a result, the planks would naturally be wider.

If you prefer wider planks, you should most definitely consider reclaimed wood for your decor because the newer planks are mass-produced and simply do not provide that level of width.

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Collection of Reclaimed Wood for Sale

Are you planning to do a make-over of your home and give it an antique or traditional touch? Reclaimed wood furniture is an excellent choice.

Reclaimed furniture will make your home feel cozier. You could choose one of these reclaimed dining tables to add to your dining area for a warmer vibe. Each piece of reclaimed furniture has its own unique story and invokes nostalgia. You could have endless topics to discuss when you are eating on top of a pile of stories.

For those who want rustic-looking dining tables to place in your backyard for afternoon teas and parties, this one will boost your home's aesthetic vibe.

How about the space in your living room? With this bowl-shaped coffee table, you can breathe new life into your lounge room. It exudes a quirky and exotic look, perfect for a modern-style receiving area.

If your writing desk has seen better days and you're looking for a new one, what better way to go than with a reclaimed wood desk? This collection of desks are made of high-quality, fine reclaimed wood sourced from the finest quality timber.

Like this bar stool which will instantly elevate the look of any room. Do you want a funky look? Done! How about a vintage look? Say no more! The wood comes from reclaimed boats, benches, and trucks and has a unique history and is entirely genuine.

Final thoughts

Reclaimed wood is an excellent material for creating home decor articles and furniture.It's long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, environmentally friendly. Adding reclaimed wood furniture is a decision you will never regret because it keeps growing in value the older it gets!

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